In 2012 the group started targeting government projects and tenders. And was awarded contracts to manage projects in the fields of Healthcare,Medical field,Education,and preparation of educational centres. Due to the increase and prosper of labor market and increasing purchasing power in Saudi Arabia and the existence of commercial competition, we were able to build strong and solid foundations with a large base of clients including, Educational, Medical, Healthcare, Government and Security sectors . We earned our reputation as a committed and responsible provider and meet their needs, with accuracy and competitive pricing. With contract commitment and after sale services.


After ending the first stage successfully according to the standards and parameters put forth by the group start up plan, the group now attempts in 2016 the start of the second stage of its plans which includes acquiring exclusive rights to market and distribute international branded products according to the Saudi market needs.
The group also completed successfully preparation of equipment and foundations of a Manufacturing unit to produce stainless steel in Turkey. With latest and up to date international standards and specifications. And to provide it to all target markets accordingly.